Newsletter n. 1 – May 2014

To all researchers interested in the history of Early Modern European Religious Dissents and Radicalism, dear members of EMoDiR,

EMoDiR (Early Modern religious Dissents and Radicalism) is an international research network devoted to understanding religious dissent in Europe.  It is committed to gathering together a variety of research projects on early modern religious culture which, given its multifaceted nature, is conceived as a dynamic system. Based on a detailed investigation that transcends traditional historiographical boundaries (notably national and/or confessional), we wish to examine the discursive constructions and the socio-cultural practices of religious dissent.  The declared aims of EMoDiR are the promotion of national and international research projects; organising seminars, meetings, conferences and workshops; publication of its own activities; supporting interdisciplinary and international collaboration; disseminating research carried out by the group; establishing research networks and scientific exchanges.

From now on we will send a monthly newsletter with information on research activities, conference participation, workshops, recent publications on the subject of early modern religious dissents and radicalism. Even if we will privilege activities organised by the members of the network themselves we also try to include other relevant notices. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any activities you organise or you come to know about that you wish to circulate among the members of EMoDiR and others who might be interested.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board: Alessandro Arcangeli, Federico Barbierato (coordinator of Executive Committee), Emese Balint, Daniela Solfaroli Camillocci, Jean-Pierre Cavaillé, Bernard Cooperman, Pierre-Antoine Fabre, Nicolas Fornerod, Ariel Hessayon, Sophie Houdard, Mario Infelise, Adelisa Malena (secretary), Anne Page, Chiara Petrolini, Philip Soergel, Xeniavon Tippelskirch (chair of Scientific Advisory Board), Anne-Charlott Trepp, Stefano Villani.

For further information: www.emodir.net

You will find the following sections in the newsletter

1. Information about the research group, new members etc.

2. Recent activities, recent publications

3. Upcoming events, CFPs, conference announcements etc.


1. The Research Group

1.1. Institutional partners of the network are EHESS, Paris; CRH, Centre de Recherches Historiques; Ruhruniversität Bochum, Historisches Institut; Università di Venezia, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; Università di Verona, Dipartimento Tempo, Spazio, Immagine e Società – TeSIS; University of Maryland, College Park, Department of History

Very recently, two new institutional partners joined:

University of Geneve – Institute d'Histoire de la Réformation (IHR) and Lerma –Laboratoire d'Études et de Recherches sur le Monde Anglophone, Aix-Marseille University

1. 2. New members

It is with great pleasure that we greet several new individual members who joined the group during the last few months.            

Pasquale Terracciano, Umberto Grassi, Tamar HerzigJonathan Seiling,Simone MaghenzaniFrédéric GabrielMichaela ValenteMathilde Bernard,Silvia BertiJennifer HillmanRiccarda SuitnerGuido Dall'OlioJuliane EngelhardtSünne JuterczenkaHelena Wangefelt StrömManuela BragagnoloMonica FrohnapfelManuela Águeda García-GarridoMarco CavarzereDiego PirilloCyril SelzernAnne Dunan-Page

Individual researchers can join EMoDiR at the invitation of the scientific advisory board, or can apply by themselves to the scientific advisory board by submitting a curriculum vitae and a list of selected publications to Federico Barbierato, Adelisa Malena, or Xenia von Tippelskirch (http://www.emodir.net/members/how-to-join-us).

1.3. Other institutional news

You might also be interested to know that EMoDiR has been selected as an officially affiliated association of the Renaissance Society of America (RSA). Representative of EMoDiR in the Council of RSA is Stefano Villani.

2. Recent scientific activities 

2.1. Recent Conference participation and Workshops

28 March 2014, New York:  3 EMoDiR panels at the Renaissance Society Association Conference (http://www.emodir.net/news/past-events-menu/163-rsa-2014)

4 March 2014, Verona: EMoDiR-Seminar with Helena Wangefelt Ström, The petrifying eye of the beholder: Heritigisation of religion in Swedish 17th century travel journals

2.2. Publications

Jean-Pierre Cavaillé, Les Dénaisés – irréligion et libertinage au début de l'époque moderne , Classiques Garnier (http://goo.gl/ci6HFQ)

Chrystel Bernat et Frédéric Gabriel (sous la direction de), Critique du zèle. Fidélités et radicalités confessionnelles. France, XVIè-XVIIIè siècle, Beauchesne (http://www.editions-beauchesne.com/product_info.php?cPath=60_61&products_id=1048). Ce livre sera présenté le 13 mai 2014, 17 h 30 -19 h 30 - Amphithéâtre de l’Institut Protestant de Théologie 83, boulevard Arago – 75014 Paris

Please send notice of any relevant publication you would like to see notified in the next newsletter to the following email-address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

3. Upcoming scientific activities

3.1. CFPs

10 June 2014 submission deadline for The 61st Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America - Berlin, 26-28 March 2015

Since EMoDiR has become an associated organisation of RSA in March 2014, we plan to submit several sessions. Whoever may be interested in participating please get into contact with Stefano Villani at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

15 June 2014 submission deadline for Errances, égarements, erreurs, hérésies au XVIIe siècle. 45e Congrès annuel de la North-American Society for Seventeenth-Century French Literature (NASSCFL) Québec, 4-5-6 juin 2015. http://socar.ca/appels

3.2. Upcoming events

10 May 2014, Dr Williams’s Library, 14 Gordon Square WC1H 0AR Dissent and the Hanoverian Succession, The tenth annual one-day conference of the Dr Williams’s Centre for Dissenting Studies (a collaboration between the School of English and Drama, Queen Mary, University of London, and Dr Williams’s Library) (http://www.english.qmul.ac.uk/drwilliams/events/c2014.html)

15-16 May 2014, Roma. Domesticating the Other. Sacred heritage and politics of religious control in Europe 1500 – 1900. Explorative workshop organised by the Swedish Institute in Rome and EMoDiR Research Group

21 May 2014, Toulouse. L'irréligion populaire. Journée d'études organisée par le Lisst-Centre d'Anthropologie Sociale en collaboration avec EMoDiR – avec la participation de Jean-Pierre Cavaillé, Jean-Pierre Albert, Didier Foucault, Federico Barbierato, Sophie Houdard (http://www.ethno-info.com/index.php?id=489)

29 May 2014, Verona. Percorsi nella storia religiosa della prima Età moderna. Genere, visioni e caccia alle streghe Seminario d’EMoDiR con la partecipazione di Federico Barbierato, Guido dall’Olio, Tamar Herzig, Adelisa Malena (http://www.emodir.net/news/162-seminario-verona)

26–28 June 2014, Goldsmiths, University of London. Revisiting Early Modern Prophecies (c.1500-c.1815). Conference organized by Ariel Hessayon and Lionel Laborie (in collaboration with EMoDiR)

Preregistration (early bird fees until 1 june) and programme may be found here: http://www.gold.ac.uk/history/research/panaceasociety/propheciesconference/.

16-19 October 2014, New Orleans, EMoDiR-Panel at the Sixteenth Century Society Conference.

26-29 November 2014, Menaggio, Atelier trilatéral « Villa Vigoni »: Les dissidences religieuses en Europe à l’époque moderne : des constructions en mouvement (liens, langages, objets) coordonné par Adelisa Malena, Sophie Houdard et Xenia von Tippelskirch


Postal address: Research Group in Early Modern Religious Dissents & Radicalism (EMoDiR) c/o Federico Barbierato, Dipartimento Tempo, Spazio, Immagine e Società (TeSIS), Università di Verona, Via San Francesco, 22, I-37129 Verona, Fax. 00390458028141

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