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To all researchers interested in the history of Early Modern European Religious Dissents and Radicalism,

dear members of EMoDiR,

You will find the following sections in the newsletter

1. Information about the research group  etc.

2. Recent activities, recent publications

3. Upcoming events, CFPs, conference announcements etc.


1. The Research Group

1.1. Institutional partners of the network are EHESS, Paris; CRH, Centre de Recherches Historiques; Ruhruniversität Bochum, Historisches Institut; Università di Venezia, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; Università di Verona, Dipartimento Tempo, Spazio, Immagine e Società – TeSIS; University of Maryland, College Park, Department of History; University of Geneve – Institute d'Histoire de la Réformation (IHR) and Lerma – Laboratoire d'Études et de Recherches sur le Monde Anglophone, Aix-Marseille University


2. Recent Scientific Activities

2.1. Conference participation

13th March 2015, L’Institut d’histoire de la Réformation, Genève. Journée d’étude organisée dans le cadre de la convention IHR- EMoDiR.  Les frontieres de la dissidence. Énonciations et pratiques du dissentiment religieux à l’époque confessionnelle : études de cas et parcours de recherche, organisateurs: Nicolas Fornerod, Maria-Cristina Pitassi, Daniela Solfaroli Camilloccihttp://www.emodir.net/news/204-journee-ihr

2.2. Publications

Franz-Xaver Bischof / Sylvio De Franceschi eds., Histoires antiromaines II. L’antiromanisme dans l’historiographie ecclésiastique catholique (XVIe-XXe siècles). Actes de la journée d’études de Munich (13 septembre 2012), Lyon 2014. http://larhra.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr/node/1876

Please send notice of any relevant publication you would like to see notified in the next newsletter to the following email-address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



3. Upcoming Scientific Activities

3.1. CFPs

30th March 2015 CFP Mensonge et manipulation. Le faux au prisme des sciences humaines et sociales/ Lüge und Manipulation. Die Unwahrheit im Spektrum der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften – Dossier thématique du numéro 9 de trajectoires/ Themendossier der 9. Ausgabe von Trajectoires

Trajectoires souhaite susciter l’intérêt de jeunes chercheurs (doctorants, post-doctorants, et éventuellement mastérants) en sciences humaines et sociales. Les propositions d’article en langue française ou allemande de 5.000 signes maximum (espaces compris) devront faire apparaître clairement la problématique, la méthode, le corpus/ le terrain, les éléments centraux de l’argumentation et la dimension franco-allemande. Elles sont à envoyer, accompagnées d’un CV scientifique, au plus tard le 30 mars 2015 au comité de rédaction : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Pour des informations plus détaillées: http://trajectoires.revues.org/1516

 31st March 2015 submission deadline for Popularisierung heiliger Texte und deren normative Grenzen in Judentum, Christentum und Islam, 30.09.2015 – 02.10.2015 Bern,<http://www.hsozkult.de/event/id/termine-26722>.

15th April 2015 submission deadline “L’exception et la Règle. Les pratiques d’entrée et de sortie des couvents, de la fin du Moyen Âge au XIXe siècle”

Colloque international du Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Histoire, Histoire de l’Art et Musicologie (CRIHAM), Limoges, les 26-27 novembre 2015


24th April 2015 deadline for abstract submission: Modes of Silence in the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Anglo-American World/ Faire silence dans le monde anglophone aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. International Conference, Société d’Études Anglo-Américaines des xviie et xviiie siècles, Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7, 15-16 January 2016    http://1718.fr/?page_id=1120 

31st May 2015 submission deadline for Voicing Dissent in the Long Reformation. The 8th Triennial Conference of the International John Bunyan Society. Aix-en-Provence (France). 6–9 July 2016. Plenary speakers: Alec Ryrie (Durham), Andrew Spicer (Oxford Brookes), Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge), Helen Wilcox (Bangor). The conference will concentrate on the expression and representation of Protestant Dissent, Nonconformity and Puritanism (1500–1800), with an emphasis on the relationship between written and oral cultures. Topics might include: preaching, singing and praying; public and private devotion; conferences and disputations; epistolary conversation; religion and politics; rumour and defamation; reading and publishing Dissent; the representation of emotions… Please send proposals (300 words and a one-page CV) for 30-minute papers or panels of three papers to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Word documents only, no pdf). Bursaries are available for doctoral students and young researchers. To apply, explain your need for support, your likely travel costs, and include a reference letter (from e.g. a supervisor). Deadline : 31 May 2015. All answers by August 2015. Further information : http://johnbunyansociety.org

 1st June, 2015 submission deadline for articles for a new, interdisciplinary on-line journal: Persecution, Tolerance, and Coexistence supported by the Coornhert Foundation, published by Amsterdam University Press.

Persecution, Tolerance, and Coexistencepublishes peer-reviewed articles in English exploring the historical background of ideological, religious, ethnic, racial and sexual persecution and the ways the social-political problems, typical of pluralistic societies, were met by a recurrent concern for tolerance and coexistence in late medieval and early modern Europe. It is an open-access, on-line journal that will appear semi-annually and will publish articles on: religious violence and persecutions; the defense and motivation of tolerance and intolerance, and the reality and problems of religious coexistence in Early Modern Europe and her colonial extensions. This journal wants to offer a forum for exciting new research. It will publish some six articles per issue; the journal will also have a review section for selected books. We welcome submissions of articles (c. 9000 words, including notes and references) which will be (blind) peer-reviewed. If you want your article to be considered for inclusion in the first volume (two issues), please submit it no later than by June 1, 2015.

Please send articles (and books for review) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

20th October 2015 submission deadline for Early Modern Women on Metaphysics, Religion and Science. Conference on 21-23 March 2016, University of Groningen, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies


3.2. Upcoming events


26th–28th March 2015, Berlin, The Sixty-First Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America: 5 EMoDiR-Panels (organized by Stefano Villani) on Early Modern Religious Dissent and Radicalism have been accepted. Check the programme for further details: http://www.rsa.org/?page=2015Berlin

With the participation of Alessandro Arcangeli, Federico Barbierato, Silvia Berti, Manuela Bragagnolo, Peter Burschel, Monika Frohnapfel, Umberto Grassi, Tamar Herzig, Ariel Hessayon, Sünne Juterczenka, Simone Maghenzani, Adelisa Malena, Justin Meggitt, Francesco Ronco, Moshe Sluhovsky, Giovanni Tarantino, Xenia von Tippelskirch, Anne-Charlott Trepp, Stefano Villani.

9th April 2015, Trento Fondazione Bruno Kessler Italian-German Historical Institute, Demonic Possessions, Witchcraft and Emotions in Early Modern Italy and Holy Roman Empire (16th – 19th Century) with the participation of Charles Zika, Laura Kounine, Federico Barbierato, Fernanda Alfieri.


 17th April 2015, CUNY, New York: Early Modern Heterodoxies: a Roundtable. The Italian Doctoral Specialization of Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

Speakers are Federico Barbierato (Università degli Studi di Verona), Dr. Sarah Covington (Queens College and The Graduate Center), Nigel Smith (Princeton University), Stefano Villani (University of Maryland, College Park). Organizers: Fabio Battista, Erika Mazzer. http://www.academia.edu/11145432/Early_Modern_Heterodoxies_a_Roundtable

21-23th April 2015, Auditorium del Santuario San Michele, Italy: IV Convegno Internazionale AIRS “Ierofanie e luoghi di culto”.

Programme here: http://www.santuariosanmichele.it/index.php

 11th-14th May 2015, Menaggio, Atelier trilatéral « Villa Vigoni »: Les dissidences religieuses en Europe à l’époque moderne : des constructions en mouvement (liens, langages, objets) coordonné par Adelisa Malena, Sophie Houdard et Xenia von Tippelskirch http://www.emodir.net/projects/villa-vigoni

26-27th May Padua, Italy: Tracing the Path of Tolerance.Il cammino della tolleranza. Storia e critica di un concetto politico dall’epoca moderna al dibattito contemporaneo.https://tolleranza2015.wordpress.com/

4th June 2015, Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History, Annual Ecclesiastical History Colloquium 2014, Huguenots, the Church and Society in the Eighteenth Century, Peter Forsaith: The Methodist debt to the Huguenots; Ric Berman: ‘Charles Delafaye: a Huguenot civil servant at the heart of government’; Lionel Laborie: ‘Huguenots and Early Methodism at the Fetter Lane Society’, Andrew Spicer: 'Degrees of Conformity: French congregations and the Church of England c. 1662-1723’, Round Table – There is no charge for this event, but please confirm attendance by 1st June to Emma Curran, Administrator of the Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

22-23th June, Pamplona, Spain, Religious Toleration in the Age of Enlightenment, 1650-1800. http://philevents.org/event/show/14932 


EMoDiR (Early Modern religious Dissents and Radicalism) is an international research network devoted to understanding religious dissent in Europe.  It is committed to gathering together a variety of research projects on early modern religious culture which, given its multifaceted nature, is conceived as a dynamic system. Based on a detailed investigation that transcends traditional historiographical boundaries (notably national and/or confessional), we wish to examine the discursive constructions and the socio-cultural practices of religious dissent.  The declared aims of EMoDiR are the promotion of national and international research projects; organising seminars, meetings, conferences and workshops; publication of its own activities; supporting interdisciplinary and international collaboration; disseminating research carried out by the group; establishing research networks and scientific exchanges.

We send a monthly newsletter with information on research activities, conference participation, workshops, recent publications on the subject of early modern religious dissents and radicalism. Even if we privilege activities organised by the members of the network themselves we also try to include other relevant notices. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any activities you organise or you come to know about that you wish to circulate among the members of EMoDiR and others who might be interested.

For further information: www.emodir.net


Postal address: Research Group in Early Modern Religious Dissents & Radicalism (EMoDiR) c/o Federico Barbierato, Dipartimento Tempo, Spazio, Immagine e Società (TeSIS), Università di Verona, Via San Francesco, 22, I-37129 Verona, Fax. 00390458028141


listowner: Xenia von Tippelskirch, Humboldtuniversität, Berlin

Please do not hesitate to let us know any relevant information you want to circulate: email


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